The Power Of Employee Storytelling At Sutter Health (Webinar Recording)

Last year, Sutter Health rolled out an external campaign with the theme “It’s a Thousand Things, Big and Small” that highlighted what makes the healthcare system special. The Communications team knew this was the perfect opportunity to honor the people inside the system—the 53,000 employees across more than 100 facilities who, in “big and small” ways, make a difference in the lives of patients and each other every day. 

So, an internal engagement campaign was launched to celebrate employees and encourage them to share stories expressing their Sutter pride. In one campaign, they received nearly 1,100 story submissions – in the first six days!

Hear Sutter Health’s Internal Communications Director, Carey Peterson, and Communications Program Manager, Michelle Grant, share exactly how they set up their campaign for success.

You’ll learn:  

  • Why employee stories are so important  
  • Sutter’s three-step campaign strategy  
  • How to drive platform adoption and employee engagement   
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