The Secret Recipe To Nestle USA’s Employee Ambassador Program (Webinar Recording)

When Nestle USA launched an Employee Advocacy program to reinforce the brand’s positive reputation, the program was rolled out to the entire workforce of 5,000 people. But the early results surprised Nestle. A small fraction of those employees created 90 percent of all social media engagement with the content they shared. So, Nestle made a radical decision:

Less is more.

Riham Osman, Employee Ambassador & Thought Leadership Manager, and Liz Caselli-Mechael, Digital Communication Lead, explain how empowering a select group of 70 employee-ambassadors became the engine for a wildly successful program that polishes Nestle’s Employer Brand. Osman, Caselli-Mechael, and moderator by Robyn Hannah, Senior Director, Global Communication and PR at Dynamic Signal, discuss:

  • Why Nestle embraced the ambassadors idea
  • How they’re supported with content
  • Lessons learned as they built the program

This tactical webinar may make you rethink your Employee Advocacy strategy.

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