Unleashing Employees to be Brand Storytellers (Session Video)

October 23, 2018

There is a trust issue in business. Organizations today are struggling with earning and keeping the trust of their constituencies, and for a variety of reasons. There is an urgent and very large opportunity for brands–large and small–to unleash their employees into the marketplace and facilitate a value exchange between all of their stakeholders. But it needs to be done in a smart and strategic way.

Michael Brito, Executive Vice President at Zeno Group discusses the importance of employees participating in industry conversations in order to surround sound the market with trustworthy content. He also gives actionable steps on how to build an employee program from the ground up and include:

  • Identifying the right employees to participate
  • Training employees to participate in the way they feel most comfortable
  • Aligning an employee-driven content strategy with the brand narrative
  • Distributing employee content into the marketplace alongside branded campaigns
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