How to be an Evangelist for Your Employee Communication Platform (Webinar Recording)

Communicators, Marketers, and HR professionals have all experienced the frustrating challenge of getting employees to use a new software platform. Michelle Grant, a Communications Program Manager at Sutter Health, has been there, done that – and succeeded. She manages the Team Sutter communication and engagement app, which has become a cultural touchstone inside the company and has seen a remarkable 68 percent adoption rate since it launched in 2017.

That explains why Grant was honored as the 2019 Communicator of the Year at the recent Summit by Dynamic Signal conference.

In this on-demand webinar Michelle Grant and Becky Graebe, Dynamic Signal's Senior Director, Communication Expert, discuss:

  • The importance of thinking like a product marketer
  • Emphasizing in-person interactions with employees
  • Focusing on content that people want to see

Whether you’re thinking about implementing a communication platform, preparing for a launch, or looking for ways to build momentum for an existing program, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

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