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5 Secrets to Unlock Exceptional Employee Advocacy (Webinar Recording)

What's the secret behind a successful Employee Advocacy program?

We turn to Heather Dopson, an Employee Advocacy All-Star and the Community Builder at GoDaddy, to spill every hidden tip, trick and insight to build a stellar program that creates value for both the brand and its employees. She has built massively successful programs at two previous companies and now is working her magic at GoDaddy.

Dopson and Dynamic Signal product marketing expert, Katie Rubak, reveal the top five things you must know to create an employee advocacy program that drives adoption, improves brand equity, and ultimately transforms your organization.

You'll learn:

  • Why your program needs to be more “human”
  • How to design an impactful program launch
  • Which metrics and milestones are the most important for long-term success
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