How Employee Advocates Drive Real ROI [Webinar on Demand]

February 18, 2015

Employees have been proven as an untapped resource that help increase reach, impact and quantifiable results for brands big and small. To capitalize on this opportunity more and more companies are adopting Employee Advocacy as a go-to strategy to propel their content, marketing programs, and social selling.

Join thought leaders Ted Rubin, and Sarah Goodall, Head of Social Business (EMEA) at SAP, and Paul Gillan, B2B Social Strategist, as they discuss the best practices, strategies and tips behind activating a successful Employee Advocacy program that drives real ROI (and #ROR!). 

In this interactive webinar you will learn:

  • What specific use cases within Employee Advocacy are producing great results
  • How to cater your content and distribution strategies to ensure positive outcomes
  • Tips from SAP on the best ways to engage employee advocates to collaborate with your brand
  • Why relationships matter, and how to treat advocates like the rock stars they are!
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