The Crumbling State Of Employee Communication And How To Repair It

May 23, 2018

Dynamic Signal’s 2018 State of Employee Communication and Engagement report is a warning sign for any organization. The survey found that more than half of  American employees are stressed out by the explosion of communication systems they use on the job. Even more dire, an astounding one-third are so frustrated that they have even considered quitting.

Mark Ragan, CEO and Publisher of Ragan Communications, and Robyn Hannah, Senior Director of Global Communication at Dynamic Signal discuss the eye-opening study results and how communication professionals can fix broken employee communication.

“Communicators constantly feel like they’re order-takers and are being spun around by people in the organization who don’t understand communication,” said Ragan, whose conferences and workshops draw thousands each year. “They know it’s not effective. But communicators can become key strategic drivers within companies.”

Learn how employees really feel about work communication and learn best practices on how it can be improved.

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