How Humana Mobilized Employees to Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

November 16, 2016

Our customer and dear friend Jason Spencer, who is featured in this webinar, is no longer with us. We wanted to honor him by keeping this video here as a way to remember the passion he had for his work. He will forever be missed.

Humana wanted to get the attention of their consumers and promote their brand goal in a more effective way. They strive for people to be healthier and to live a lifestyle focused on well-being. By empowering Humana employees to share stories, they have built more trust with consumers and opened up conversations on these topics. They were able to do so while working within a regulated industry and meeting all federal requirements.

By focusing on content which is centered on health and well-being and industry-related stories, they have empowered employees to establish themselves as influencers and thought leaders within the healthcare industry.

Join Jason Spencer, Social Media Community Manager at Humana, alongside Robyn Hannah from Dynamic Signal to discuss:

  • How to build trust with consumers and create conversations with them
  • How to work within FTC regulations to ensure compliance
  • How to mitigate any risks employees may encounter while using social media
  • The impressive results Humana has produced in the year since launching their program
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