The State of Workplace Communications is Disconnected

April 21, 2017

Report reveals companies struggle to reach employees in increasingly disconnected and widely distributed workforces.

The first annual study of workplace communications by Dynamic signal has found that nearly three-fourth comms professionals say they have problems keeping employees “on brand and on message” when communicating company news and information.

The State of Workplace Communications report gives insight into which channels are currently being used to disseminate important information, the challenges communication leaders face in communicating effectively within their organisations, and what budget is being allocated to solve these challenges.

The state of workplace communications is disconnected

Some of the key findings include:

  • Study respondents listed email as the most effective way their organisations communicate with their teams. However more than half of the global workforce does not have a corporate email address and cannot be easily reached by email. Additionally, as people are sending and receiving 122 business emails per day on average, it has become difficult for important company news and communication to cut through the noise.
  • Further, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that over 75 million working Americans are hourly-wage workers, performing desk-less work. Employees need a convenient way to receive important information to effectively perform their jobs, and companies need a better way to reach these workers who do not have a corporate email address.
  • Research found that communication professionals surveyed also cited company intranet as the second most effective form of internal communication (ahead of social media, breakroom posters and mobile apps), despite the fact that today’s workforce requires a mobile-first approach to important communications according to The New York Times, who reports that in the United States, 97 percent of people 18 to 34, and 94 percent of people 35 to 49 had access to smartphones. Further, Prescient Digital Media recently reported that only 13 percent of employees actually visit their intranet daily and 31 percent never visit the intranet at all.
  • Dynamic Signal’s previous research also highlights that 55% of employees said that a mobile application would help them become more informed and engaged with their company.

“Our report shows that communication professionals continue to rely on technology designed to reach employees in an office, at a desk. This is ineffective and leaves companies totally unable to communicate with half of their employees who are remote, lack a corporate email address, or are generally disconnected,” said Russ Fradin, CEO and co-founder of Dynamic Signal. “The fact is that mobile phone penetration has exploded in recent years. Technology is finally allowing companies to communicate with every employee, everywhere, reaching an entire workforce in a way that is personalised, convenient, measurable, and efficient.”

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