SXSW Breakthrough: Leveraging new technology to power employee advocacy

March 13, 2015 Brian Burgess

Across the globe, marketers have embraced the idea that a company's employees, its customers and most loyal fans hold enormous power to raise the company’s reputation, convert social connections into meaningful business connections, and generate impactful results back to the company’s bottom line.  Harnessing the social voices of employees especially conveys an authenticity that brand communications cannot achieve alone.

With social advocacy today, companies are often in a race to maximize social reach and engagement.  That means pace and speed have become a new powerful dynamic to the equation.

Many of the biggest, most recognizable brands in the world have launched successful advocacy programs.  But, in the past year, a critical evolution has occurred that involves combining new digital technology with traditional strategy and best practices in order to scale and sustain an effective program on a level not possible before. This new technology is helping companies move faster in their understanding, acceptance, and adoption of the new social advocacy behavior. It also allows them to manage their advocacy voice globally.

At a SXSW panel session on Saturday, March 15, Marcy Massura of MSLGroup will join Adam Keats of Dynamic Signal for a discussion entitled, Evolving Employee Advocacy with Scale and Impact.

The panelists will dissect the natural progression the industry is taking and explore how companies – both big and small – are implementing solutions that allow them to improve business results from these marketing efforts.

Until now, no tool, technology, or software had the power to motivate genuine and authentic employee advocacy with scale. MSLGroup’s recently introduced Employee Impact tool empowers staffers to be efficient communicators and social influencers on behalf of company brands. This simple platform allows employees to easily find and share company-approved news, events, product information, social media assets, and other content on their personal social networks.

Employee Impact utilizes the all-in-one, complete content and advocacy management system from Dynamic Signal, an ‘OS for advocacy.’

Employee Impact is just one more tool marketers and communicators can leverage to improve employee engagement. It enables employees to actively engage in the conversation, express pride of their employer, and be rewarded for participating. It gives employees the confidence to comfortably share what they’re hearing and seeing at work and about their work. The tool can address many business needs, including reputation, content amplification, recruitment, crisis response and brand protection, sales, events, and more.

MSLGroup Employee Impact provides a much needed and "always-on" platform that can drive sustained advocacy and keep employees updated on what’s happening in and around their organization. Through the option of sharing across a mix of personal and professional networks (for example, Facebook and LinkedIn), employees can also influence the recruitment brand of the organization in a personal and genuine way. Simply put, the platform has the power to turn every employee into a trusted influencer who can make an impact.

This article originates from PR Week

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