N’amaste at work: Study finds that yoga is a viable solution for workplace stress

April 25, 2019

A recent study conducted by CareerCassaw 78% of employed respondents ranking their stress as a seven or higher on a 10-point scale. A separate study conducted by Dynamic Signal reports that roughly 60% of employers are ready to leave their firms because of the anxiety they cause them.

From open offices to the inclusion of plant life, to playing video games on company time, Americans are desperately looking to unconventional ways to keep their cool at work. Enter a study that recently appeared in the Journal of Occupational Medicine. Researchers analyzed data derived from 13 different trails, involving about 1,300 participants, and revealed workplace yoga to be a potential method of reducing workplace stress.

“Yoga at work could be one of the chosen programs to reduce stress levels, and usually requires low investment, with minimal equipment,” explains Laura Maria Puerto Valencia, researcher of the Bavarian Health and Food and Safety Authority in Munich, Germany, and the new study’s lead author.

Although the inclusion of yoga in the workplace yielded no discernible benefits to heart health, researchers did note significant boosts to mental well being. The researchers behind the study additionally highlighted the need for more experiments to determine whether or not the reduced stress levels were a direct result of the yoga specifically.

The firms that were willing to participate in the studies previously mentioned were already considering ways of accommodating the mental health needs of their employees, as well as enhancing “job satisfaction” and “productivity.”Those sort of stipulations implies a workplace that is generally less tense than most.

Even still, no negative results were reported, so that the authors were able to conclude, with some confidence, that the take-home message should be “yoga is a good practice in the workplace as a means of reducing stress.”

Independent studies have championed yoga for better breathing, reducing anxiety and depression, and even promoting healthy eating habits. So even if your company does not provide classes for staff,  utilizing yoga techniques might be worth looking into, whether during the morning before your workday begins or in-between projects in the comforts of your cubicle. 

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