How Great Companies Engage in Employee Advocacy Beyond Simply Sharing Content

August 24, 2015 Travis Wright

According to the Deloitte Millennial Survey, millennials will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025. 75 percent! And they are all on social media. But it’s not just millennials. In fact, 50 percent of all employees already post messages on social media about their employers. Even though these employees are proud to share messages about their companies, it's almost impossible for brands to get their employees approved, consistent content to share externally.

Employees Have the Most Credible Voices in Your Organization
As mentioned in the Edelman Trust Barometer report, “Employees are the most credible voices on multiple topics, including the company’s work environment, integrity, innovation and business practices.” This means that no matter how often your PR team is out there sharing the gospel or the CEO is on television, Inc. Magazine or Techcrunch talking about your company, nothing is more effective than the voice of your employees.

In addition to building brand awareness and improving company culture, employee advocacy has been proven to have a significant impact on revenue. From a lead generation perspective, employee advocacy is an "always on" marketing channel that results in 5X more web traffic and 25% more leads.

Who is Doing Employee Advocacy Right?
One such company in the employee advocacy space is Dynamic Signal. They help solve this disconnect by giving communications and marketing pros the ability to curate and load company-approved content, so their employees can pick what interests them and share in just a few clicks. This helps transform them into experts, advocates, and contributors. Employees can also submit their own content or industry content to be shared by others. Since people listen more to their social connections (those they trust) than to official marketing campaigns, brands can increase content engagement by as much as 700x and brand awareness by as much as 24x.

“One of the most underutilized and yet powerful things a company can do for itself is find a way to activate its employee base to socially tell its brand story,” said Pavey Purewal, CMO, Dynamic Signal. "If employees are a company's best brand advocates, then why not let them share on behalf of the brand?"

How Does Employee Advocacy Help Drive Sales?
With some of my clients, I've personally engaged their employees to get the top tweet at over 50 different events, including competitor events! I've engaged employees to amplify content to gain mindshare, gain influence, and where it's most important, helped them increase sales. Employee Advocacy should be a vital part of any social business strategy.

Employee Advocacy tools allow sales professionals to establish & extend relationships with prospects and customers via social media. In fact, 72.6 percent of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their sales peers and exceeded quota 23 percent more often.

"In today’s social world, every person has an extended circle of personal influence and an opportunity to build their own personal “brand.” By helping your employees build that brand rather than squelching individuality, you can build an army of very powerful advocates." Says Ted Rubin, author of Return on Relationships #RonR and Dynamic Signal advisor.

"Most people, when given the opportunity, will advocate for their brands, when they feel good about where they work. Two thousand employees, 2000 followers each, you do the math."

Major global brands such as IBM, Humana, Pitney Bowes, GameStop, and SAP have all used employee advocacy tools to harness their employees’ social reach to amplify company content. This type of tool keeps employees informed of company news and strengthens the brand. By extending their social media strategies, these companies ignite brand awareness, employee engagement, and revenue.

"Everyone’s busy, so tools like Dynamic Signal  make it easy for employees to share coordinated content on a regular basis, boosting the impact of our social media efforts." Advised Tim Peacock, Director of Digital Marketing, Ensighten.

Keep in mind, there are many tools out there to choose from that can help engage your employees. The most important thing is to pick a solution and begin engaging your employees as soon as possible.

This article originates from Inc.

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