How To Activate Employee Engagement Through Digital Transformation

February 22, 2018

“Digital” continues to disrupt and create new opportunities for businesses and brands across multiple areas of their organizations. From real-time response to hyper-connected customers and employees, companies often struggle to fulfill the increasing demand for fast, personalized responses to their requests and concerns.

Highly trusted employees can be an organization’s greatest asset during this transformative time. But today’s employees have very different expectations and needs as well.

Join David Armano, Global Strategy Director of Edelman, and Cydney Roach, U.S. Practice Lead for Edelman’s Employee Engagement Practice, for an exclusive webinar with Dynamic Signal. The panel will discuss:

  • What got us here and how an organization’s digital transformation journey impacts its future
  • How to engage employees using new technology and techniques
  • How trust factors into brand reputation and employee advocacy
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