How O2 Engages Their Deskless Workforce at Global Scale

Founded in 1985, O2 is the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited and is a leading digital communications company. With over 25 million customers, O2 has over 450 retail stores and sponsors The O2, O2 Academy

When O2 originally partnered with Dynamic Signal, its vision was to create an employee advocacy program that would increase brand awareness. However, it didn’t take long for its executive team to leverage Dynamic Signal’s multi-use platform for additional use cases. Within the first year, O2’s program “O2 Amp” expanded into social selling and eventually, internal communications.

As more employees were onboarded, the communications and marketing teams noticed a lot of active usage from retail employees and call centers. Because most employees don’t have access to desktop computers or the company’s intranet, they relied heavily on their access to mobile devices within the retail stores. Employees gave feedback that the Dynamic Signal platform was a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing campaigns and product announcements. Putting the app directly into their pockets enabled employees to access important information and become more integrated into O2’s overall communications strategy.

Kristian Lorenzon, Head of Social Media at O2, discusses topics such as:

• How to keep a deskless, global workforce informed with company news
• How to drive engagement via more personalized internal communications
• Why O2 chose Dynamic Signal as their primary way to engage employees on mobile

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