W20 Group Launches Global Employee Advocacy Program On Dynamic Signal

September 17, 2015 Dynamic Signal

SAN BRUNO, CALIF., Sept. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- W2O Group, an independent network of complementary marketing, communications, research and development firms, today announced a new mobile-centric employee advocacy initiative that gives its global employees the power and control to easily share approved company and client news to their personal social media channels with just a few clicks – extending the content's reach and influence.

Working with Dynamic Signal, a global leader in employee advocacy solutions with the VoiceStorm™ platform, the new W20 Voices, tracks every time an employee shares a piece of content as well as the quality of the share and the size of the social communities receiving it. 

"We are always on the lookout for solutions that increase employee engagement and thus, improve business performance for our firm and our clients. Dynamic Signal's VoiceStorm will allow us to communicate directly with our employees, and empower them to share content socially that interests them - helping to expand our reach, strengthen individual capabilities and achieve organizational clarity. Dynamic Signal is a powerful and flexible application that we can use in a variety of ways to expand and deepen the level of engagement of our employees on behalf of our clients and the firm," said Gary F. Grates, Principal, W2O Group.

As leaders in Employee Advocacy, Dynamic Signal allows companies to expand their social media strategy beyond corporate channels and a limited set of PR approved spokespeople to include their employees' authentic voice. By letting proud employees endorse their company conveniently through their own social media accounts, companies provide an outlet for employees to build their personal brands, thereby increasing company loyalty and pride of ownership. In turn, the platform also acts as an additional marketing channel that drives greater brand awareness, lead generation/conversion and revenue.

With strong early engagement numbers internally, W2O Group is also partnering with Dynamic Signal to leverage this employee advocacy technology as a service to its clients. With the paid, earned, and owned media spaces continuing to overlap, Dynamic Signal's platform will provide W2O Group's clients with a new approach to drive content consumption.

"Employee advocacy is one more way for media-savvy professionals to stay nimble in a fast-moving industry," said Russ Fradin, Co-Founder and CEO, Dynamic Signal. "W2O Group has always been an early adopter of using new technology to create best practices in the area of employee engagement and digital marketing, so it makes sense that they are wholeheartedly embracing employee advocacy themselves."

Dynamic Signal's platform was designed with employees in mind. A combination of enterprise-grade technology that integrates with global business processes and an extremely easy to use employee experience coupled with an intuitive interface mean anyone can easily participate in the program. Plus, as a mobile-first application, companies get the convenience of anytime, anywhere mobile access.

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