MSLGROUP Launches New Employee Advocacy Tool to Help Clients leverage the ‘powerful influencers inside’

November 6, 2014 Dynamic Signal

PARIS and NEW YORK, November 6 2014 -- MSLGROUP has launched a new global employee advocacy tool that uses the latest technology to enable companies to empower employees to become efficient communicators and social influencers.  Called Employee Impact, the tool works in real-time to engage employee ambassadors with internal, corporate and social media communications programs.  The tool allows employees to share corporate news and posts across their own personal social networks in just a few clicks. 

Employee Impact utilizes the all-in-one, complete content and advocacy management system from Dynamic Signal, an ‘OS for advocacy.’  Dynamic Signal is a Silicon Valley software firm specializing in the advertising and communications technology industry.

In conjunction with the technology, MSLGROUP customizes a strategic approach based on client needs as well as an incentive/gamification program on the back end to encourage employee engagement.  With the launch of Employee Impact, MSLGROUP is the first agency to roll out an application of the technology across all regions of the globe. 

According to Brian Burgess, Global Director of MSLGROUP’s Employee Practice, “Today, some of the most powerful advocates for a company brand are right inside its own organization.  Companies need a potent way to organize these social voices and manage a true social advantage,” said Burgess. “Employee Impact gives companies the technology to more easily and more swiftly cultivate and motivate employee voices as the spark for advocate-driven storytelling in the digital marketplace.” 

The MSLGROUP Employee Impact tool nurtures these potential influencers, maximizes the role of advocates, while fully managing the detractors, he explained.

MSLGROUP is currently piloting a customized version of the platform built by Dynamic Signal especially for MSLGROUP employees, called MSLGROUP Voice.  Plans are to roll it out to all 3,500 global employees by the end of 2014. Russ Fradin, CEO of Dynamic Signal commented, “We are thrilled to be partnering with MSLGROUP on this first global use of our platform in the public relations industry.” 

Trudi Harris, Chief Communications Officer of MSLGROUP, explained how MSLGROUP is engaging its own employees in the product.  “The MSLGROUP Voice social ambassador community is a place for passionate and social media-savvy employees to participate in the creation, curation and sharing of MSLGROUP social content,” she said.  “Numerous MSLGROUP employees around the world routinely appear on lists of top influencers and this tool will give us a natural way to choreograph their advocacy.”

MSLGROUP’s approach has been to design a win-win:   In exchange for helping the company drive awareness, engagement and ultimately grow the brand, MSLGROUP will reward employees through a points program where they have the opportunity to win prizes and be recognized among their peers as an advocacy leader. 

Stephanie Agresta, Global Director of the Social Media and Digital Practice explained that the MSLGROUP relationship with the Dynamic Signal is the first of many similar relationships with specialized technology developers. “Technology is a window through which we will expand and grow our business.  We will continue to seek out and identify best-in-class technology in order to innovate our global business and our practice and specialty services with breakthrough tools.” 

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