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September 16, 2015 Dynamic Signal

New York, NY (September 16, 2015) – The strategic brand communications agency, Mortar, announced today it has adopted Dynamic Signal’s new mobile-centric employee advocacy platform so that its employees can experience first-hand a winning strategy for organizing and curating social media content, and so Mortar’s employees can be ideally placed to guide the Agency’s clients as they seek to design and launch their own, targeted social marketing programs.

Working with Dynamic Signal, a global leader in employee advocacy solutions with the VoiceStorm™ platform, the new program tracks every time an employee shares a piece of content as well as the quality of the share and the size of the social communities receiving it, massively amplifying the reach and impact of socially-distributed messages.

“One of our clients brought us Dynamic Signal. We love what we saw, and we’ve seen amazing results already. This is nothing short of a revolution that combines the power of owned and shared media—a new channel for social broadcast” remarks Scott Burke, Mortar’s Director of Business Development and Client On-boarding.  “Content distributed on Dynamic Signal expands our reach by 20x––and more importantly we can track and reward participating employees. For once new social sharing technology lives up to its reputation—which is why we’re working hard to introduce Dynamic Signal to our clients”.

As leaders in Employee Advocacy, Dynamic Signal allows proud employees to endorse their company conveniently through their own social media accounts while providing  an outlet for those employees to build their personal brands, thereby increasing company loyalty and pride of ownership.  In turn, the platform also acts as an additional marketing channel that drives greater brand awareness, lead generation/conversion and revenue.

 “In the last month alone 80% of Mortar's employees used Dynamic Signal to broadcast curated agency content to their social networks. Plus several of our clients have expressed interest in using Dynamic Signal as a kind of stealth marketing program — designed to amplify the voice of their employees and strike deep into their rivals customer base” affirmed Mortar’s Founder and Managing Partner, Mark Williams.

"Mortar is a branding and advertising agency where content is king, and they love a great story,” said Russ Fradin, Co-Founder and CEO, Dynamic Signal.  “Integrating our VoiceStorm platform delivers the right content at the right time to the right employees, allowing them to tell their story and enhance their personal brands on social media.

Dynamic Signal’s platform was designed with employees in mind.  A combination of enterprise-grade technology that integrates with global business processes and an extremely easy to use employee experience coupled with an intuitive interface mean anyone can easily participate in the program.  Plus, as a mobile-first application, companies get the convenience of anytime, anywhere mobile access.

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