Dynamic Signal Announces Brand Equity Builder

May 23, 2019

SAN BRUNO, CA., May 23, 2019 -- Dynamic Signal, the leading Employee Communication and Engagement platform, today announced its Brand Equity Builder - an expanded suite of tools that empower employees to become advocates for their organizations. Through new capabilities designed to serve both employees and the organization, Dynamic Signal’s Brand Equity Builder drives employee advocacy results through innovative platform enhancements that improve the effectiveness of capabilities such as shareable content, social sharing, advanced audience targeting, and self-service reporting tools.

The Brand Equity Builder expands on Dynamic Signal’s robust offerings by enabling organizations to recognize their employees as an audience that deserves the content curation and care that all external audiences receive.

Dynamic Signal’s Brand Equity Builder includes:

  • Earned Media Value (EMV) Calculator - Measure the impact of employee shares based on your organization’s average cost per click, cost per thousand impressions, and value of reactions across every major social network.
  • Native Video Sharing - Enable uploaded videos to be easily shared externally to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Social Sharing Enhancements - Drive more activity through new, optimized Twitter share formatting, increasing engagement and traffic from Twitter shares by 20%.
  • Quick Links - Provide easy access to important employee resources like social media policies, training materials, and how-to guides.
  • Dynamic Content Targeting and Subscriptions - Increase the likelihood of sharing by giving employees the power to subscribe to content categories/topics based on their interests and push relevant content to employees based on role, seniority, geography, and other attributes.
  • Broadcasting - Improvements such as Broadcast Alias, enabling communicators to better assist executives by easily broadcasting messages for them, on their behalf.
  • Compliance Controls - Empower and protect your employees by using share text blacklisting to prevent members from adding profanity, competitive references or other undesirable phrases, words, or hashtags when sharing on social media.
  • Self-Service Reports - Measure and highlight the impact of your employee advocacy efforts with self-service reports that track employee reach and unique engagement across social channels.

“With costs for paid social media rising, and its ability to break through the noise declining, organizations need a way to effectively grow their reach while authentically showcasing their values, and positively influencing their brand sentiment," said Joelle Kaufman, Chief Marketing Officer, Dynamic Signal. "Your employees are the heartbeat of your brand- and no one can tell your story better. Empowering your workforce to become passionate, compelling, and trusted ambassadors for the organization will dramatically improve business outcomes from the inside out.”

Dynamic Signal found that the majority of organizations can empower a significant population of their employees as brand advocates sharing relevant and approved company content to their social channels. Its customers report a notable impact on employee advocacy by using the Dynamic Signal platform including:  

  • 106 percent increase in social media reach
  • 39 percent increase in company brand/awareness
  • 34 percent more engagement per post
  • 40 percent more engagement per share


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