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How To Measure The Impact Of Employee Communications

December 5, 2016

Employee communications is a misunderstood initiative. Difficult to measure, but highly impactful, an investment in communications can open a dialogue between leadership and employees across every team and department leading to new levels of transparency, collaboration and understanding.

Creating an environment where employees are encouraged to share their feedback, understand the company’s purpose and feel connected to their part in the brand’s growth can boost engagement and productivity significantly. To align your organization’s focus with workforce communication, start articulating the major benefits of this program and discover how you’ll measure success to prove its value to the C-Suite.

Read this eBook to review the following aspects of employee communications to better position your enterprise:

  • Why measuring employee communications is beneficial
  • Calculating the ROI of staff participation in events and programming
  • How to evaluate the effect of employee engagement
  • Analyze how communications builds brand equity
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