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Reinventing Company Communications

December 20, 2016

Building a results-driven brand doesn't happen within a silo, but instead as an equal partnership between employees, company leadership and customers. There isn't a simple solution for getting employees involved with driving business objectives, but instead a step-by-step framework and cultural shift that encourages employees to communicate over time and build a connection with the organization’s values and goals.

Ongoing conversations between employees and leadership can help articulate your company’s objectives both internally and externally, which is why it is important to develop new programs and policies, as well as update existing ones, to emphasize communication. Once encouraging conversation amongst employees is made a priority and each stakeholder is aligned on the strategy, this corporate dialogue can positively impact the organization’s outcomes in the long-term.

Read this eBook to learn how to create employee-driven conversations that support company objectives by:

  • Sharing an organization’s key values
  • Reframing the existing company culture around communications programs
  • Developing policies that foster employee communication
  • Supplying employees with the right tools to spur dialogue and increase productivity
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