Upcoming Webinar: Hacking the Content Distribution Model

February 3, 2016 G.I. Sanders<br><img src="http://dynamicsignal.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/GI.png" alt="G.I. Sanders" class="avatar" width='100' height='100' style='border-radius: 50%;'/>

Billions of dollars will be spent on content creation in 2016; in comparison, one study reports 70% of marketers plan on spending just $1,000 per month on content distribution. Why spend so much money making something then not ensuring it gets delivered?

Similarly, companies look to distribute content about their products, brands, culture etc. in a way that best cuts through a very noisy ecosystem. How do they get higher ROI on their content investment? Successful organizations that want the most from their content are going to find the most efficient ways to get it into the hands of the people that want it most. Register now to take part in this discussion.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How large enterprise companies are getting content to consumers more quickly.
  • How publishers, enterprises and individuals are using social media in a brand new way.
  • How companies are using new technologies to break open the content distribution bottleneck.

Our guests for the webinar include:

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