Scoop the Poop or Ignore the Chore, A Fresh Take on Content

January 13, 2016 Scott Burke<br><img src="" alt="Scott Burke" class="avatar" width='100' height='100' style='border-radius: 50%;'/>

Take one step into the unobtrusive building stretching out onto Pier 15 and you’ll know this is unlike anyplace you’ve been before. It’s a place to write home about, a veritable treasure trove for content.

The Exploratorium not only manages to entertain young and old alike in countless ways, but they drive curiosity at every exhibit. Exhibits that are so numerous, your allotted two hours for a trip to the museum starts to feel way too short before you’ve even begun.

Like the Golden Gate Bridge, or your favorite restaurant in Sausalito, if you’ve been to the Exploratorium it probably tops your list pf places to take visiting friends and family. And that’s the story we wanted to tell.

Exploratorium in San Francisco

When the Science of Sharing rolled around, it presented the perfect opportunity to get our hands dirty with a content strategy that embodied some of the Exploratorium’s most desirable bits.

The place is an experience, so we decided to bring that experience to the streets, literally. Content became an extension of the experience, through roadside interviews and outdoor media that really made people stop, and think.

We hit the streets, got right up in people’s faces. Created the first hand experience. We even had MythBusters’ own Adam Savage talking about dog poop!

Learn about how scientists study human behavior—and explore your own strategies for collaboration and sharing. The Science of Sharing forum is this Saturday:

Posted by Exploratorium on Friday, June 5, 2015

Social dilemmas pull people out of their comfort zones, and we thought if we could get enough people squirming, giggling and shifting uneasily in their seats, the story would tell itself. The content would become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Selfies were taken in front of plastic poops (yes, you read right), bus seats became the focus of every smartphone in the carriage and social content sharing became our primary content driver of the Science of Sharing.

Exploratorium in San Francisco

And it wasn’t only the Science of Sharing we wanted to highlight. If you were considering a trip to San Francisco, we wanted you to be considering the Exploratorium. So we outlined “8 Reasons the Exploratorium Is San Francisco’s Most Iconic Travel Destination” on the Exploratorium’s blog.

The conversation on the streets and online needed to be “we need to go there” and for people already living in the city? “Why haven’t we been there again?”.

Check out more info on the campaign here.

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