Announcing Dynamic Signal’s Company Moments

December 1, 2015 Russ Fradin


Engage, Enlighten and Educate Employees Through Quick and Easy-to-Use Video Broadcasts

We are proud to be the market leader in Employee Advocacy and the industry standard for the majority of Fortune 1,000 brands worldwide. Thanks to the amazing collaborative relationships we have built with our leading brand enterprise customers and partners, we continue to drive new ideas into the market through true thought leadership and innovation. Our customers have taught us so much, and one thing that is clear for every client we work with is: Employee Advocacy is sparked and powered through engaged employees. Video is clearly the best way to engage people online today.

Video continues to grow at a rapid pace and is clearly one of the best ways to communicate and engage with your employees. Recent studies have proven that video content has the highest conversion rates, drives the most downstream engagement and has the highest rate-of-recall of any content delivered in the corporate environment today. The facts are clear, so why not use native video when communicating with your employees and your organization?

Today we are launching Dynamic Signal’s Company Moments. This revolutionary in-platform video tool allows for quick but professional production, editing and distribution of video content across the globe. Using your mobile device, an admin or team leader can create a high quality professional video in minutes, edit the content and distribute to a targeted team/division or corporate-wide with a push of a button. Company Moments is what has been missing to simplify corporate employee communications and bring it into today’s mobile world. You can find out much more about Company Moments here.

Company Moments is available now. I would love to hear about how your company might use native video to engage employees at @RFradin



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