How Nestlé Purina Engages Hard-To-Reach Factory Employees (Pres Deck)

With frontline employees at more that 20 factories across the country, Laura Lee, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, and Margarett Wolf, Senior Communications Specialist, at Nestlé Purina have their work cut out for them. 

These employees are largely hourly workers. They’re always on the go as mainly desk-less employees. They don’t have corporate email addresses or even computer access. They’re hard to reach. 

That’s why Purina uses a communications platform called The Pack, which is powered by Dynamic Signal and includes a mobile app that enables Purina to put essential information in the palms of employees’ hands. Lee and Wolf are joined by Robyn Hannah, Dynamic Signal’s Senior Director, Global Communications.

They will discuss: 

  • The importance of local, onsite community managers 
  • Best practices for engaging a dispersed, frontline workforce 
  • How The Pack empowers employees to become powerful Purina advocates 
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